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Get Your Business Online!
Saturday - June 21, 2014 8:05 pm
Get Your Business Online!
Right now, KitsapOnine has launched a "Get Online" program, with the aim of providing the locally owned and operated small businesses with the resources and assistance to get their businesses online — for free.

KitsapOnline will be hosting free local events for small business owners to help them get started with their own basic websites, and anyone who’s interested is invited to visit our GetOnline page to find out more.

Participants receive the following:

    A free website (courtesy of KitsapOnline)
    A free customized domain name and hosting
    A  local business listing on KitsapOnline's "Kitsap Places"
    Free tools, resources, and assistance

Participants also can receive up to $50 in credit on other KitsapOnline Services.

If you want your own personalized private domain name and private website, we can get you a domain name starting from $1.25 a month, and website can be a low as $3.99 a month.  So in year one, the website is free.  In year 2 (at currently stated prices) you can have your website for under $50 a year — still quite a great deal.

KitsapOnline's "Get Online" program provides a simple, quick service that is designed to dispel the myth that getting online is hard. In KitsapOnline's view, every local small business should be online, and it aims to make that a reality.

While local Web designers might fear that this cannibalizes their market, KitsapOnline points out that this initiative gets businesses focusing on their Web strategies, which will provide plenty of opportunity for development and growth down the road for designers who may have had trouble convincing local businesses to get online in the first place. And given that the free website is a very basic website with limited customization or enhancement, it seems like sooner or later, many of these businesses will be looking for a professional designer's services.

KitsapOnline has plans to add other free services in the coming months.  So if you are located in the local Kitsap County or Kitsap Peninsula are and you think it’s finally time to get a website up, check out KitsapOnline's "Get Online" (getonline.html) page.
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