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Stop bugging me!
Saturday - June 21, 2014 4:36 am
Stop bugging me!

Are your plants being attacked? Whether you are trying to deal with pest like aphids, or slugs, you will find that sometimes the smallest pests can do the most damage in your garden.

We have some tips for you to help that doesn't require you to resort to using chemical-based pesticides to deter, or outright dispose of, bugs, slugs and other garden pests. Below, we provide some proven defensive methods you can use for keeping them away from your plants, using natural and safe methods:


  1. Regular Check-ups:
    One of the best things for you to do is to grow healthy, disease-free plants which will make it a much more difficult target for bugs and also help them to withstand an occasional attack. You should regularly inspect the leaves of your plants for discoloration or damage, and if any are found, remove them by pinching off the leaves or even remove the diseased plant from the others. Make sure that you appropriately water your plant’s by learning their water needs and keep them healthier with nutrient-rich soil. Also, by keeping weeds under control, you will remove as many safe havens for pests and stop the weeds from taking the nutrients that your plants need to grow strong and healthy.
  2. Invite Guests:
    One great way to keep pests away is to attract their natural predators to your garden. Your approach may vary depending on the type of pest you’re dealing with. For example, aphids – also known as “plant lice” – are the prey of wasps, ladybugs, and lacewings, while ground-dwelling slugs fear ground beetles, lizards, toads...and snakes. Research ways to attract the types of critters that can wipe out your pest problem for you!
  3. Unsafe Terrain:
    Creeping pests like slugs, snails and caterpillars approach your plants from the ground – so make it a sharp, dangerous place. Spread crushed eggshells beneath the targeted plants and creepy-crawlies will move along.
  4. Offend the Creeps:
    Many aromatic herbs, like yarrow, citronella, mint, fennel, catnip, basil, and lemongrass are natural deterrents for garden pests from aphids to potato beetles. As an added bonus, some of these herbs also attract the predators that keep pests under control.
  5. Choose Your Poison:
    Flour, salt, beer: all substances that are completely safe for humans, but that can be seriously toxic to insects, slugs and snails. This article offers several natural, DIY pesticide recipes you can use to wipe out your unwanted guests.
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