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Our Mission

Be Local

Be part of the community, simply being based there isn’t enough

Think Local

Find out what kind of impact we can have on the local community & economy

Buy Local

It Matters! We’ve seen the impact of supporting big box corporations

Our Philosophy

Being Local!

For many years we hear talk about how important "small business" is, but more is emphasized that individualism is more important and de-emphasizes the importance of unity and working together - as a community.

Being local is about more than just location. To be local, you need to be part of its community, simply being located there isn’t enough. We need to celebrate what is local – food, drinks, crafts, everything! If it’s a restaurant, the food should be local wherever possible; if it’s a shop, it should sell predominantly local produce; if it’s a pub, it should sell some local beers.

See how much:

Corporations Takes Out of the Community

Corporations Gives Back to the Community

Local Business Takes Out of the Community

Local Business Gives Back to the Community

The Facts show that the economy of every community depends on the support of the local people who live there.

Our Vision

To help build a vibrant local community and a strong local economy

1: Promoting locally owned business - By supporting locally owned businesses our community can thrive
2: Build a vibrant local economy - Bring attention to how we can build a strong local economy
3: Create more jobs and opportunities

We want to put all the locally owned and operated businesses on the Kitsap Peninsula Communities online.
We want the people of the different communities to know about the local businesses and events.
We want to unite the entire peninsula to help build a better and stronger community.

Help Us Help You

By supporting us, we can help bring the information to the community to help improve our lives and the local economy.