Hosting Prices

We can host and help you build your website

Website Hosting Service Starting as low as $0.00/mo.

Our high-performance, secure servers ensure your site’s near-instant load times regardless of where in the world it is being accessed, however if you happen to live in Kitsap County or Kitsap Peninsula area we will be happy to arrange an in-person evaluation. We are just a phone call away if and when you need us!

Free or Paid Hosting ?

If you have a new website or a small website or just want to test our services, the free hosting plan is the most suitable for you. You can use the free hosting account for lifetime, if it suits your needs. If your hosting needs change over time and you need more resources you can easily upgrade to a paid plan from your control panel.

The Paid hosting service comes with way more features (faster servers, more space, free domain name, etc). It also helps us keep all our services for free. If you are a serious web site owner and want to get all the features, plus help us promote local businesses along with strngthen our local communities, sign up for one of our paid plans.

Paid Hosting Advantages

  • Free Domain Name (Prepaid Packages Only)
  • More Disk Space
  • More Traffic
  • More E-mail Accounts
  • Free Help Getting Started
  • and more...

Our pricing strategy for initial design is based on your business needs and request but monthly charges for ongoing hosting, support and security is based on the table below.

About our Web Services

Many customers who have left our hosting services and went to an "unlimited" hosting service has returned to us within 24 months...Why?

That's simple. For most, it does not take long to realize "unlimited" hosting is not all it's cracked up to be. With us, you get everything you signup for. We don't have restrictions or fine print on anything we offer. Everything we offer is real and tangible. For example "unlimited" storage usually means you are not allowed to host files larger than a certain size or the fine print says you may not host files that are for download only or files may not be of a certain type (like videos). We don't offer "unlimited" anything but you can rest assured we don't throttle download speeds, restrict file type or size. With our hosting services what your package says is you get, you get. Period.

Why us?

There are no money back guarantees because our service can be tried with a free hosting service first, alleviating any future spending of funds if you are not satisfied. You can keep your free service as long as you wish.

Services Provided

  • Business Website Design
  • Small Business Hosting
  • Internet Marketing Services

A Free Hosting plan, without forced ads, that costs nothing and you can sign up for just with your email and personal name. You can use it to host your web site or for testing our services. You can create and update your site, or you can talk to us about creating your site for you.

Shared hosting is simply when multiple users share the same server. Each of the websites shares the recources (disk space, data transfer, RAM, CPU, the MySQL server and the Mail server, etc). Advantage of the shared web hosting is the low price, as many users share the cost of the server.

We Cater To The Newbies…

You will not regret the amount of help given from our hosting service. We cater to the newbie, because we all were new to this at one time... .


How do you provide free hosting?
We offer our services free of charge, and we rely on the generosity of donations, memberships and supporters to provide our services. Donations help us with the costs we incur plus the work we do to help individuals and entrepreneurs in the Kitsap area, giving them peace of mind and the opportunity to be independent, contributing members of the Kitsap area.
What is my free web address?
Your web address will be like this : Where membername is the account name requested by you in the sign up process and that has been assigned to you by KitsapOnline.
How long does it take to set up my free account?
Usually it takes anywhere between 1 and 3 days. Once your account is created, you will receive an e-mail containing your access codes.
Can I use my own domain name?
YES, as long as your domain registrar allows URL forwarding. In simple words, we will create an account for you with and all you will have to do is use the domain forwarding feature which is generally provided by your domain registrar to this account. Click here for further details.
Will you be placing any advertising on my site?
For your free account, a single (non-changing) banner will be automatically inserted at the top of each page of your website. Please note that is only a banner that allows visitors know we are providing the services of hosting. We never use distasteful tactics, such as advertising pop-ups, or frames. Our paying member sponsors provide the financial support to make this service possible. Without their financial support, KitsapOnline would not exist and we would not be able to provide you with free web hosting. Click here for further details.

Package and Pricing Options [1,2]


$ 0.00

  • per month
  • Disk space - 100 MB
  • Monthly data transfer: 1 GB
  • FTP accounts - 1
  • Emailboxes - 1
  • Free domain name - none


$ 1.99

  • per month
  • Disk space - 1 GB
  • Monthly data transfer: 1 GB
  • FTP accounts - 10
  • Emailboxes - 10
  • Free domain name - 1
    (with 12 mo. service)


$ 3.99

  • per month
  • Disk space - 3 GB
  • Monthly data transfer: 3 GB
  • FTP accounts - 25
  • Emailboxes - 25
  • Free domain name - 1
    (with 12 mo. service)


$ 5.99

  • per month
  • Disk space - 5 GB
  • Monthly data transfer: 5 GB
  • FTP accounts - UNLIMITED
  • Emailboxes - UNLIMITED
  • Free domain name - 1
    (with 12 mo. service)

Fine Print For Paid Web Hosting

We will only provide you a free Domain Name for a prepaid, 12 month subscription. If you would rather pay by the month, we can provide this service for you, but if you want a Domain Name, you will need to pay a one-time yearly subscription price of $14.99 for that Domain Name. Please read the Terms of Service information

Please keep in mind that KitsapOnline is a Christian company with Christian morals and standards. We do not allow any form of adult hosting on our servers. Neither do we allow sites that promote racial hatred, etc.

[1] No single (standard/un-modified) account may use more than 3%, 5% and 10% respectively of an entire server's resources. For the most part, this will not be a problem. However, in certain cases, this does become problematic; for example, a Message Board like ours (10,000+ members and 1,000,000+ messages) does use more than 10% of a server's resources; a lot more in fact. We need an entire server just for our Message board!

If your account needs more than 3%, 5% or 10% respectively, it can be arranged but please be aware that there will be a cost implication.

[2] NOTE: Resource usage is measured over any single 24 hour period. Even if your site peaks at say 5 times total Maximum permissible average resource usage for short periods of time it will not be a problem so long as the average over 24 hours is not exceeded.